Reasons to Sell Your House for Cash

07 Aug

There is an undeniable mismatch in this business called real estate. People have countless reasons for selling their houses but have only three avenues available. Depending on how you label options, there's probably a fourth: a cash sale, which provides some solid benefits.


Pacific Northwest Investments LLC pays cash for homes in Oregon buyer will treat you in a unique way, depending on your particular situation. Did you just get divorced? Struggling with your mortgage?  Cash buyers work with your circumstances. Besides, they're not families in search of a house that they can settle into. They're profit-seeking investors.

Control Over Closing Date

If you sell via an agent, the closing date will often be out of your control, and that is hardly a good position to be in. With a cash home buyer, they can can close on your schedule. Have to close in two weeks? They can accommodate a timeline as limited as that. Learn How to sell your House Quickly in Oregon without any Hassle here!

"As Is" Purchase

 For a house to be salable- conventionally at least - it must look good and be totally functional, which means no broken faucets, no blocked drains, no foundation problems, and so on. Cash home buyers will not look at these issues and just deposit cash in your pocket straightaway.  Now that's better than spending on home improvements that others will benefit from. View this website about real estate.

Zero Costs

A cash buyer will give you all-in offer. That's exactly the amount that will be deposited in your account. Sometimes, when you factor in the repair costs, you will realize that you actually made more than you could with a conventional sale. Indeed, you will have no fees to think of, no commissions to give to an agent, and just no contingencies. The amount you are offered is the actual amount you will receive.

No Strangers in the House

Who wants to receive strangers as visitors? Who likes doing that every week or even everyday? Selling a house rarely happens overnight, and your agent will naturally want a lot of people to drop by and see your house. When selling to a cash buyer, the only stranger you will meet is the buyer himself.

No Financing Worries

After all those weeks or months of waiting, you finally find a buyer. But when it's almost closing time, they break the news: they failed to find a bank or lender for financing, or they couldn't find a rate they like. The sale falls through and by now, it has been some time since your house has been on the market longer, and that's not a good thing. A cash buyer eliminates all such possibilities.

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